Blank Mind Syndrome

Note: I have no idea if the title is actually a real thing.


I’ve been looking at other people’s posts on wordpress and now I have pretty much no idea of what I want to talk about on my own blog. So… that is obviously what I’m going to post about.

I know. I’m not making much sense here right now, so bear with me while I get my thoughts together… Okay. Here we go!

What I want to talk about is that moment when your mind just goes blank and all your ideas literally vanish into thin air. Or (more likely), your ideas don’t seem to cut it anymore and you don’t feel like writing about them any more. Do you get what I’m talking about?

Every time this happens to me, I usually just stare at my post for an hour and then close it becasue I seriously have no idea how to get my thoughts together onto a page, in a draft, that actually makes sense. (The same thing happened to me when I was writing this post which is just ironic considering what I’m going to say next)

So, I’ve decided to look at this with a fresh start and write down tips on how to overcome this annoying and incredibly high hurdle.

  1. Procastinate

I know, I know. I sound like the most stupidest person in the world but seriously, I have a theory about how procastination helps. So, just sit down, grab a cup of tea and listen. 🙂

If you’re suddenly out of ideas, the worst thing you could to do is strain your brain to think of a way to make what you’re writing make sense. It just makes you not want to carry on with your project even though it might be something you would have really enjoyed talking about before. ( I said make a lot of times in that paragraph-stop judging me)

So, what you need to do is save your draft (DO NOT DELETE IT!) and just chill out on your phone/laptop/computer. Listen to music, go on tumblr or any other social media and just basically look for inspirtion. This way, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something new you want to write about. If not, it will at least help you figure out how you want to write your original post.

Seriously, try it. Just…do it.

     2. Perseverance

Fun fact: I used to think that perseverence meant sweating, so when tachers used to say this word in school all the time, I got so confused. I know. *face palm*

Back to the tip.

KEEP GOING! By that I mean, take a break for half an hour. Eat. drink. Shower (that might be hard for some people to do in 30 mins though). Do whatever you want that will distract you momentarily from this task.

Then, when you’ve had that break, get back onto your post and read it again. It will probably make more sense now as you would be reading it again with a fresh mind. It will also give you an idea of what you were trying to say and how you could say it.

Another fun fact: I actually started writing this post yesterday and then had no idea where I was going with it.


Aaaaaaand, that’s pretty much all the tips I have for you right now. Except maybe one more: JUST DO IT! That one’s pretty self-explanatory and usually the one that gets people to actually do something.

Which reminds me, I need to be doing something else right now. Damn…maybe my next post will be about trying to actually stick to the plans I make at night. 😀

Did these help? (If they didn’t, oh well…at least now you know what not to do when you have utter Blank Mind Syndrome 😀 )