A weird time

This blog was meant to be a place where I could put my opinions for random strangers to be able to view. The thing is, after writing literally two posts, I seem to have discovered something. I’m not actually bursting with ideas. I know, unbelievable. You think you can write a 500 word post about nothing every week and then find out it might as well be impossible. Smh. How do people do this???

Moving on. A really weird thing happened to me last weekend (it was actually on Monday, but that’s beside the point). I’m still not sure what happened to be honest, I’m just thinking about it now and I literally can’t stop laughing.

So, we’ve just moved houses, right, and my dad is kind of obsessed with bringing people over to see it because this is the first house he owns. He has been literally beaming from ear to ear ever since he got it. Anyways, my mum wanted to have her old (college?) friend over because it had been a year since we’d all last seen them. Now, the mum has four kids, two of which are boys, and two of which are girls. The girls are pretty young, so they hang out with my little brother, while the guys are more me and my sisters’ ages. So, everything balances out, and I remember having fun the last few times we’d seen them.

When they came, we were all ready and everything and that’s when I have my first realization. They were really tall. Literally, over the last year, they had just freaking sprouted up like beanstalks while me and my two sisters had grown about an inch.

So, after a while, we get over that (kind of), and we take them to the study to hang out, when I have my second sudden realiztion. They’ve forgotten our names. I KNOW! Like, seriously, there isn’t much to remember (granted, I did have to ask what their sisters’ names were, but again, besides the point). So, after sitting really awkwardly for about 10 minutes, the guy who was my age (let’s call him Anno, short for annoying) gets up and sees the post-it notes on one of the shelves. And for some reason, he’s just like ‘Oh, Post-it notes, I should stick them on their door’. Guess what he does next? He gets the post-it notes. AND HE STICKS THEM ALL OVER THE DOOR. They did look cool though, to be honest…


By the way, one of my sisters was studying for a test then (because it’s exam season YAY   😦 ), and the older guy (Beanstalk) kept looking over her shoulder. You see, those guys are really smart, so when he looked over her shoulder and pointed out he knew this stuff already, yeah, it was demeaning.

Anyways, later on, the same sister was walking past our mum and dad’s room and she saw Beanstalk just lying on the bed. JUST LYING THERE! Who does that? The funny thing is, when she told me about it (after she stopped laughing/dying), I remembered that he’d done that before when he’d come to our house. And I had been so confused. Man, I wish I’d taken a picture and showed it to them later but…oh well.

So, yeah. That’s pretty much what happened. I mean, not counting the fact that Anno just took our computer and started watching Doctor Who an then put on Rock/Metal/Screamo  music on really loudly while Beanstalk and his sisters kept knocking on the study door and then running away when we opened it. And not to forget that those 5/Idk year old girls had an iPad and forced me to play weird games with them…

Let’s just say, it was an eventful night. One that I’m not really sure how to feel about so, I’m just going to put that memory in the treasured box.

And lock it.