Yep, it’s confirmed. There is officially something wrong with me.

I have (now brace yourself) obsession disorder. Not OCD. Oh no, have you even seen my bedroom (don’t do that, it’d be creepy)? I have obsession disorder (again, I have no idea if this even is a real thing).

The thing with me, you see, is that I find out about something new. I search it up and if it is a book, I’ll read it, if it is a show, I’ll watch it etc. Then comes the obsession. Whatever I’m doing usually takes over my life and now I can’t do anything except finish it. Family? Pfff. Who cares about them when you’ve got ANIME?

To let you actually get an inside scoop on this and so you can figure out for yourself how stupid/addicted I get, I’m going to tell you a story.

Right now, it’s the holidays. Now, when I knew the holidays were coming, I had a few things I wanted to do in my mind. So, when they arrived, on Saturday, I finally started watching Dan and Phil, one of the things I said I needed to do (I know, I have no priorities). If you don’t know who Dan and Phil are, they are these two youtubers who I was having marathon of. (Or Phanathon aye aye)

I remember, there were 588 videos and I watched about 200 and something (230?). This took me from Saturday to Wednesday without any stops except the necessary ones. Yeah… But don’t judge me yet! Becaue it gets worse.

On Wednesday, even I knew I was ruining my life so, I dared myself to not watch their videos until Sunday. And I didn’t (I’m pretty good at that kind of thing). But by Monday, I found this anime. It’s called Kurko’s Basketball and I was just obsessed. The thing was though, I never really loved anime that much before. I thought it was okay, but none of the ones I’d watched were too great. But when I watched Kuroko’s Basketball…oh boy, did I love it. I literally finished a season in two days. I know the people who watch anime are thinking: “that’s not that much”. Trust me, for me, it really is. Also, my mum looked liked she would murder me if I didn’t stop watching it so… I had limited choices.

It’s Wednesday today and my exams are coming up after the holidays (vacation as you might say in America) and I’ve barely studied. Yeah. You can judge me as I finish seasons 2 and 3 of that anime.

Basically, I’m a mess. And maybe you guys are huge messes too but are just hiding that fact from the world. If you could relate, comment down below and tell me your stories of how you’re wasting your life. And next time someone tells me to stop wasting mine, I’ll just tell them the story of one of you guys, so I kinda seem normal. (Feel free to do the same yourself.)